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The Grand Gin Rummy Glossary

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  • Big gin

    After a card is drawn, all 11 cards in your hand form melds prior to knocking. 

  • Booster

    We have two boosters in Grand Gin Rummy. Boosters can be activated before a game and only apply to the game played directly after being activated. Trophy protection: When this booster is active, no trophies will be lost when you lose a game. Double XP: When this booster is active, you will win twice the XP, no matter if you win or lose. 


  • Classic mode

    In this mode, the first player to reach 100 points wins the game. Knocking is possible as soon as a player has 10 deadwood or less in their hand.


  • Deadwood

    The total value of the amount of unmatched cards in your hand.  

  • Demotion

    see Demotion zone

  • Demotion zone

    The bottom players in the division are demoted at the end of the season. The demotion zone is shown at the bottom of every division apart from the bottom division where there is no demotion zone. 

  • Discard pile

    The pile next to the stock pile where each player places their discards. 

  • Division

    The league is divided into 10 divisions and you are promoted to the division above, demoted to the division below, or stay in the same division depending on your trophy count at the end of a season. 


  • Gin

    After a card is drawn, 10 out of 11 cards in your hand form melds. The 11th card is discarded upon knocking. 


  • Knock

    The green knock button will appear when you have 10 deadwood or less in your hand. The highest card making up your deadwood will automatically be discarded upon knocking. 


  • Lay off

    the opponent of the knocking player is allowed to add any unmatched (deadwood) cards to the knocking player's sets or sequences. This further reduces the opponent's deadwood score. The knocker is never allowed to lay off cards. 

  • League

    In the league you compete with other players to move to higher divisions in order to receive better rewards. There are a total of 10 divisions in the league. The higher your division, the higher the rewards you receive in all chests.


  • Meld

    A group of three or more cards in a set of the same number or a run of consecutive numbers in the same suit.

  • Missions

    Missions are daily challenges you can complete to earn gems. You can find them on the home screen. 


  • Oklahoma mode

    In Oklahoma mode, the first player to reach 200 points wins the game. The first card turned over after dealing determines the amount of deadwood required to knock. 


  • Promotion

    see Promotion zone

  • Promotion zone

    The top players in the league are promoted at the end of the season. The promotion zone is shown at the top of every division apart from the top division where there is no promotion zone.


  • Quick mode

    This mode is a one-round game and the player who wins the round wins the game. Knocking is possible as soon as a player has 10 deadwood or less in their hand. 


  • Round bonus

    In Grand Gin Rummy, you receive 15 bonus points for each round that you win. 


  • Safety zone

    The safety zone is the area between the promotion and demotion zones. If you are in this zone when the season ends, you will remain in the same division in the next season. 

  • Season

    League seasons start and end at 7:00 am UTC on Mondays and run for 7 days. Trophies on all tables are reset to 0 at this time. The start and end of a season correspond to the start and end of every league.

  • Set

    3 or 4 cards that are of identical rank and different suits (e.g. 3 of diamonds, 3 of spades, and 3 of clubs).

  • Sequence

    Three or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order (e.g. 3, 4, 5 of spades). 

  • Stock pile

    the pile from which a player can draw a new card.


  • Tables

    For each table you pay an entry in chips. In case you win the game, you will not only receive chips as a reward, but also trophies and experience points.

  • Trophy

    When you play games, you win or lose trophies depending on the result. To move up in the league, you need to win more trophies. Each table has a limit for the maximum amount of trophies that can be won playing that table. You will still be able to play on this table, but you will not earn any additional trophies. At the end of every season, your trophy count is reset when the league ends.


  • Undercut

    If a player knocks without having gin or big gin and with a deadwood value equal to or higher than their opponent's deadwood value, the opponent undercuts the knocking player. This results in the opponent gaining an additional 25 bonus points which is added to the deadwood difference.


  • Win streak

    A win streak occurs when you win several games in a row on a table that has the feature enabled.

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